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Are you stressed with all the clutter in your home? Need organizing services in Arkansas? Let SOS Staging & Organizing Solutions help reduce your stress with our simple formula: Decluttering + Organizing = Less Stress Jane can solve the clutter problem in your home by:
  • Understanding your needs and challenges with a comprehensive evaluation of your space.
  • Coaching you as we assist you to achieve order in any area of your home or work space.
  • Helping you create a personalized organizing system that will work for you once we are gone!
The first and most difficult step is to pick up the phone and call. It begins with a conversation so that Jane can ask a few questions in order to understand your needs and make sure that you feel comfortable with each other. The next step is scheduling an in-home assessment. This allows you to show Jane what areas of your home you love, as well as the areas that are overwhelming you. After this meeting, SOS Staging & Organizing Solutions can set up a plan to accomplish priorities to give you that less stressful environment. SOS Staging & Organizing Solutions goal is for you to gain more productivity and PEACE of mind!
  • Pleasant
  • Environment
  • Achieved by
  • Coaching &
  • Encouragement

Organizational Program Fees
Initial Assessment* One-time fee $     50.00
Program 1 6 hours of organization $   390.00
Program 2 12 hours of organization $   720.00
Program 3 24 hours of organization $1,200.00
  • ALL programs require at least 3 hours per working session, no more than 6 hours per working session.
  • 50% Deposit due upon signed Job Order.
  • Once first half of program hours have been completed, each remaining session is due upon invoice receipt.
*This fee is waived upon signed program agreement and deposit.   SOS Staging & Organizing Solutions serves clients in Benton County, including the cities of Bella Vista and Bentonville, Arkansas. Curious to learn more? Click here to read about Jane!